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Factory Accidents

Unfortunately, injuries due to factory accidents remain high in Ireland and across Europe.
Due to the large industrial nature of most factories, factory injures can have an extreme effect on an individual’s quality of life.
Exposure to everything from toxic materials to flammable materials to heavy machinery can mean a factory worker is vulnerable to serious injury if due care isn’t taken to ensure the safety of the employee.

Who is responsible for factory accidents?

Factory employers have a duty of care to provide a safe working environment for their employees. Therefore factory employers must follow all safety regulations and take reasonable steps to ensure the working environment for their employees is safe.

Have you been involved in a factory accident due to an unsafe working environment?


What type of accidents happen in a Factory?

Injures due to an unsafe working environment and/or defective factory equipment are all too common.

Some of the more common accidents that happen in factories include:

  • Gas releases
  • Chemical spills
  • Objects falling
  • Large or heavy machinery malfunctioning
  • Falls, trips or slips

Factory Accidents FAQ

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