€125,000 settlement for Workplace Injury claim

Life changing injury reaches successful conclusion.

Last week Rogers Solicitors secured a €125,000 settlement for a client who was very badly injured in the workplace.

The accident took place whilst metal beams were being unloaded from a forklift truck onto a trailer in County Kildare.  The beams fell from the FLT and hit our client, which then threw him from the back of the trailer onto the ground below.  Our client fractured both his wrists and and his right elbow.

Major surgery took place in hospital and he was left with permanent pain and stiffness in both wrists and his right elbow.  His right elbow was inserted with various rods and pins which will be there for life.

Rogers Personal Injury Solicitors were instructed after a friend of the clients suggested our services.  A home visit was arranged and the case quickly commenced.  The case exited PIAB right away as liability was denied by the Third Party.

A great deal of medical evidence was compiled in order to quantify the client's injuries.  Reports were obtained from orthopaedic surgeons, GPs, plastic surgeons and a psychiatrist.

Proceedings were then issued in Dublin High Court and a settlement meeting was then arranged between both sides after a full defence was filed.  Rogers Solicitors attended this meeting along with Senior Counsel and the client.

An excellent settlement was agreed and our costs were also paid in full.  

The client was delighted with the outcome and he was happy with the service that he received from our firm.  We are fast building an excellent service dealing with work injury compensation claims.  If you need our help, please get in touch and we will be happy to assist.

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