Choosing a Personal Injury Solicitor

If you have suffered a car accident, an accident at work, medical negligence, a motorcycle accident or a slip in a public place you need a Solicitor who specialises in this area of law. A family member may have had a good experience with a Solicitor when buying their house, but this does not mean that this Solicitor will do a good job when it comes to pursuing a personal injury case.

If you have suffered a car accident, an accident at work, medical negligence or a slip in a public place and need a Personal Injury Solicitor in Dublin, we would advise that you consider the following points:

1. Does the Solicitor specialise in personal injury law? If not, then it may best best to find a firm that does. Solicitors are similar to tradesmen in the construction industry (as a comparison) - you may consider all builders or tradesmen to be similar, but this is not the case. You would not ask an electrician to plumb your new bathroom! In a similar way you should not ask a solicitor who specialises in wills and probate to take on your personal injury case. You need the right firm with a proven track record in pursuing and winning accident claims.

2. Does the Solicitor have a good reputation? Word of mouth is priceless when it comes to choosing a personal injury Solicitor in Dublin. If a friend tells you that their Solicitor did a job with their accident claim, then you should always consider that firm. Similarly, it is best to avoid the firms that friends have had bad experiences with.

3. Does the Solicitor have a good website? You can learn a lot about a Dublin Personal Injury Solicitor from their website. Is it clear that they specialise in car accidents? Is it clear that they specialise in accidents at work? If not, you need to consider if this firm is appropriate for your accident claim. When looking at a Dublin Personal Injury Solicitors website, you should also check to ensure that they display the Law Society of Ireland logo which shows that the firm is regulated and authorised by the Law Society of Ireland.

4. Call them up and make up your own mind. If you see a firm that you feel may the the right Dublin Accident Solicitor for your case, our advice is to call them up and get a feel for the level of service that you receive. As yourself the following questions when choosing a personal injury solicitor in Dublin:

Do they answer the phone right away?

Do you get through to a Solicitor right away, and not get fobbed off by a receptionist?

Do you like the Solicitor?

Do you feel confident in the advice that you were given?

Were you put at ease by this Solicitor?

In general, Dublin is coming down with Personal Injury Solicitors and choosing the right firm is a crucial decision to make, If you choose the wrong firm it may result in what is already a stressful scenario becoming even more stressful. We hope that the guide above will be of use to anybody that has been involved in a car accident, an accident at work, medical negligence or a slip in a public place and requires a Solicitor.

At Rogers Solicitors we only deal with personal injury law. If you need a will or wish to buy a house, we are not the firm for you. If you have been arrested we are not the firm for you. However if you have suffered an accident that was not your fault, then we are certainly worth considering. We are worth giving a call so that you can make up your own mind.

Please take a browse around our website and read our blog posts. If you call us, your call will be answered 24/7. You can text us. You can email us. You can whatsapp us. You can arrange to meet us at a time and place that suits you.

If you have suffered an accident and require a Dublin based personal injury solicitor, then please give us a call. Our service is second to none and we do our very best to ensure that your dealings with our firm are smooth and without stress or hassle. And then when you case is finished, we hope that tell all your friends about us. That is our aim.

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