Insurer’s displeased with justice prevailing and awarding victim’s compensation

However, this is a distorted view that has no factual evidence to support their accusations. Legal professionals too, are targeted for their fees which in most cases the insurance company have to pay as well. Conversely, the Independent Referral Bar of Ireland has since remarked that fees for barristers’ have significantly decreased, even as much as 50% within the last decade. The apparent reason for increased premium prices seems to be more suited to the competition within the insurance industry. The Chief Executive of FBD Insurance stating that the competition is fierce amongst insurers particularly within Ireland, which is having an adverse affect on the finances of these insurance companies. Furthermore, in recent figures released by the Injuries Board for 2015, there has been an increase in personal injury claims by a mere 6% which they claim is a direct result of increased social and economic activity. Therefore, those of you who have been involved in a personal injury accident, do not let fallacies within the news regarding ‘facts’ the insurance industry have released deter you from seeking compensation.

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