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Rogers Personal Injury Solicitors are one of Dublin’s best known personal injury solicitors, With personal injury experience that encompasses personal injury claims, workplace accident claims and road traffic accident claims, we have assisted individuals injured in all types of accidents receive the legal redress they deserve.
Our role as Dublin personal injury solicitors is to make the legal process as straight-forward as possible. We understand the incredible stress an injured party will likely be under and therefore we aim to streamline the process.
Our friendly straight-forward and professional personal injury solicitors work closely with the client. We convert confusing legal jargon into terms the average person can understand and therefore allow the injured party to make the right decision in regards to their personal injury claim.

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Why Choose Rogers Personal Injury Solicitors?

Personal Injury Claims and the Injuries Board (PIAB)

All personal injury claims in Ireland except for claims involving medical negligence are submitted and processed by the injuries board.
The injuries board – formally referred to as the PIAB, is an organisation set-up to try and settle a personal injury claim before the claim precedes to the civil courts.
Rogers Personal Injury Solicitors assists the client in the submission process; complying and reviewing all necessary paperwork on the client’s behalf.

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